Ten Best Dribbble Designers You Need to Follow To Be Inspired

If you want to turn the artist inside you into a kickass designer, you should not be lingering around anything else but follow some resourceful websites that take the minimum amount of your time and give you back a massive learning as well as earning opportunities. We have a collection of Best Dribbble Designers You Need to Follow To Be Inspired.

Dribbble is an online community for web and graphic designers. You’ll find solace be it in your beginning days or while you’ve already a superstar designer.

Dribbble was highly criticized for its invite-only membership system but most (including me) believe that it is because of that system it has been able to maintain the quality.

Let’s Get Inspired!

We have a collection of ten most inspirational dribbble designers you must follow. Stop whatever you are doing and go follow them in Dribbble for your benefits.

1/ Bill S Kenny |  Co-founder of @focuslab

Speciality: Designing Things > Web Design | Logo Design | Identity Design

2/ Nick Slater | Designer at  

Speciality: Illustration | Designing Icons, Logos, and Badges

3/ Eddie Lobanovskiy | Founder of Unfold

Speciality: UI Design | Web Design | Branding | Illustrator | Typography

4/ Dan Cederholm | Co-Founder of @dribbble

Speciality: UI Design | Branding | Illustration | HTML | CSS

5/ Mike | Creative Mints

Speciality: UI Design | iPhone Interface | Web Design | Illustration

6/ Victor Erixon

Speciality: Branding | Art Direction | UI | Interface Design | Web Design | Creative Direction

7/ Yoga Perdana

Speciality: Illustration | Logo | Identity | Icon

8/ Kerem Suer

Speciality: Product Design | Mobile Design | UI UX | Branding | IOS | Android | Art Direction

9/ Cosmin Capitanu

Speciality: UI | Logo | Architect | Urban Planner

10/ Julien Renvoye

Speciality: UI Design | Illustration | Motion Design | Mobile Design | Data Visualization

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