Interview Questions a Web Designer Should Be Well Aware Of

You going through this article means it is that time in your life where you’ve finished your college and looking for some hands-on exposure in the real world from where you can launch your career. You might be wanting to shift or change the industry or might as well be looking for an internship opportunity if you’ve just finished your college.


Interview Questions a Web Designer Should Be Well Aware Of

So let’s just get ourselves done with the general interview questions that every interview starts with.

1. Please Introduce Yourself

This is normally an icebreaker but the interviewer also expects your answer to be somewhat inclined towards how your selection adds value to the organization.

2. Where do you see yourself in X number of years

You have to be very very honest here. It’s obvious that everybody looks for as much growth as possible but you have to make sure that your growth in X number of years somehow coincides with the company’s progress and it goes hand in hand.

3. Talk about your strength and weakness

Be honest but frame your answer around the positive aspect of your skills and experience. Try answering this question with emphasis on your attitude towards getting things done.

Example: In an attempt to be organized at work I sometimes tend to seem too rigid with my schedule and coordination with my team becomes a little bit painful in the beginning.

4.  Why do you want for this organization?

A perfect answer to this question proves that you are a perfect fit for the organization. Some answers that will help you get you shortlisted could be:

  • I have a few people on my facebook/twitter/linkedin and I am fascinated by their professional life.
  • I have attended an event where you’ve showcased your work and I must say I’ve been an admirer of your work.
  • Your website is so engaging. I have always been a follower of organizations that put people in their priority. Your social profile shows that the organization is people oriented.

5. Why did you leave your last job?

Blame growth. Don’t ever speak ill of your former employer, this will negatively impact your interview. Tell that it is high time for you to explore new horizons and that you want to push yourself to a higher limit.

Now the real deal. The technical questioned you’ll be pounded with:

  • What made you a web designer?
    • Talk about how the whole thing started, about the subjects you’ve studied, your beginning days with web design
  • What inspires you the most?
    • Stick to web design and talk about what motivates you to excel and thrive.
  • If, incase you have to change the industry, how would you go about it?
    • Answer with, “I am a quick learner, however changing industry would be the last thing I’d do as far as my career is concerned”. I pefer my growth in one industry to my experience across industries.
  1. Questions about the popular platforms and languages used for web design.
    • Here you should be talking about HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript etc
  2. One specific technical question related to web design
    1. Could be about CSS, JavaScript, Color Codes
    2. Could be about basic HTML, Image properties, and types
    3. Could be about debugging an error in design
  3. Questions related to responsive web design
  4. Questions related to jQuery functions
  5. You might be asked to write a code snippet
    1. Change image background, color or align content or position of a block in webpage
    2. How to link an external stylesheet
    3. What is a <!DOCTYPE >?
    4. What is HTML5 and CSS3?
    5. What are cookies and sessions?


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