Best Content Strategy for a Startup Website

Whether you are on the run for owning a company that manufactures real physical products or offers virtual services like cleaning or training, the website needs to have what it is supposed to have. Keeping the dirty shit out is very important and tricky as well at times.

Content Strategy for startups

Having too much information on the website and thinking that the more text you have, the better it is is “old-fashioned“. You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of your visitor and keep them curious, no extra second will be added if you fail to perform in the first few.

On the first glance, the visitor should be fed with “Whats in it for you?” Bulky paragraphs and unnecessary images on the website is a BIG NO. You need to strategize the content of the website so that the viewers or the readers actually get what you intend to deliver. Here is a list of Best Content Strategy for a Startup Website which can be built up based on the nature of your business.

1. Home Page

The homepage needs to be clean, light and clear. It should have a prominent information that makes the visitor understand what the company does and who is it for. Too many information makes visitor bounce out too soon from the website. Besides the text and the content, design, and colors used makes the significant impact. Make it as simple as possible!

Website Content Strategy for Startups

2. Demo Tour

A quick demo tour helps your visitors and customers find the value you are planning to deliver, it will help guide them to what they want. A functional feature that guides the user to the intended product or service is very important. For that, a sequential link or a graphical video demonstration does the trick for you.

Content Strategy for Startup Website

3. The ‘About Us’ Page

Writing a brilliant ‘About Us’ is all about the confidence you have in your team and your product. Assuming that you’ve come this far to a stage where you can be proud of your product, this is the page where bragging is socially legal. Don’t go too far and make the fetching difficult. Your bragging should be backed by the performance of your product.

content strategy for startup website

4. The ‘Contact Us’ Page

If they find your ‘About Us’ interesting, they’ll definitely hit the ‘Contact Us’. A simple contact form, your physical address or perhaps a google map and other contact details (phone number, email addresses). Make it minimal and creative, that shows you really mean business and nothing else. Here is a good one from morroni

Content Strategy for Startup Websites

5. Be socially active and be bold about it

Generally, people are not willing to hit the subscribe button on your website, they’d rather follow your social profiles. Good companies have organic followers. Share your social profiles on your websites and keep them updated about the company.

Besides social platform, you also need to share events you’ve been a part of representing your company, testimonials, list of other companies you’ve worked with or planning to work with. These things might sound trivial but adds great value to the companies credibility.


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