15 Ted Talks Every Designer Should Watch to Build a New Perspective

Life is too short to design something that will go unnoticed. To understand what role design plays in our lives, we need to understand how we can relate our life stories to it. Let’s check out these 15 ted talks every designer should watch to build a new perspective.

1. Design for People, not awards

Timothy Prestero explains his learnings and hard-earned success on his way of designing incubators for newborns.


2. We are all Designers

John Hockenberry explains how his life in a pair of wheels inspired him to design his life.

3. Design, Explained


4. Design to Challenge Reality


5. Building a museum of museums on the web


6. Is Pivot a turning point for web exploration


7. A supercharged motorcycle design


8. Three ways good design makes you happy


9. Robots will invade our lives


10. Things I’ve learned in my life so far


11. Designing Objects that Tell Stories


12. A powerful idea about ideas.


13. Treat design as art


14. Designing for Simplicity


15. Happiness by Design

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